Let us introduce ourself
About Us

We are formed with passionate people in technology and creating an innovation. We work closely with clients to make sure that we clearly understand what they want and offer the best solutions to them.

The world nowsday has been changed; we are living with technology in our day life. Our job is to make the technology goes well with your life; we make it understandable and usable. Most people think that technology is the complicated things and hard to understand. Work with us and your perception will change forever. We make technology to be easy to become a part of your life!

What we do everyday with passion
What We Do

Our services include a full Range of IT Consulting, Digital platform development (Mobile/Web application and Enterprise solution) and system integration.

We deliver a platform combining between business and technology section.

Our Bible At C In Solutions
What We Believe

“We truly believe that a good technology must enlighten our life”

We see every projects big but we have never gotten crazy because of their big. We jump in and make sure that every details fit in a frame of 16*9. It’s like paragliding. Don’t worry how high it is, just make sure that your parachute works perfectly.

We are different
Who We Are Now

We have a rich experience in solution providing. We have already known that technology grows so fast, that consequently makes various fantastic applications created in the market. It obviously shows us that we need to be ready for incoming technology. However the perception of customers currently changes. Apart from great services from provider, they need something more.

Nowadays, only powerful services are not enough anymore. The trend at present already combines the area of ‘Branding’, ’Design’ and ‘Technology’ together. Customers truly need effective applications, beauty and valuable is also required.

Our Culture
Your Goal is our goal

C IN SOLUTIONS was completely born from passion, the passion to create an innovation to human. We truly believe that a good technology must enlighten our life. Therefore we analyse and design by going deep into details with mind set of customer centric. And when we deliver an innovation to our customers, they must achieve their goal and get the most benefits.

2008-2010 “Deliver the best solutions”
2010-2014 “Deliver innovative solutions”

When unexpected things happen, we don’t see a problem. We see opportunity.